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Thread: FS: 96-97 non-sunroof sun visors, gray--very nice

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    FS: 96-97 non-sunroof sun visors, gray--very nice

    I have one excellent 97 sun visor and two pretty good 97 sun visors. These are the base non-illuminated mirrors for a car without a sunroof.

    This pair came out of a 97 that was obviously well-cared for, but wrecked in the right front:

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    Now, the passenger side visor above was in excellent shape until I folded down the flap that covers the mirror in order to take a picture. The inner side of the upholstery, the part with the velcro, stuck to the rest of the mirror, basically splitting the fold-down flap. I tried gluing it back together with headliner adhesive, but I have no idea if that will last. It also affected the finish a bit. Here's a picture:

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    Well, that was disappointing, but the rest of the visor still looks great. If you don't ever use the passenger side mirror, it may not be a big deal to you.

    But, if you prefer, I have another 97 passenger side visor. It's not quite as nice as the one above, but it's pretty good. There's one small blemish (bottom right of the first picture), and there was obviously a garage door opener clipped to it. The part that covers the mirror also seems to be a little darker than the rest of the visor.

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    I'd prefer to sell the driver's side and one passenger side as a pair. You can have your choice of passenger side visors.

    Looking on eBay leads me to think $50 shipped may be fair, but I'm open to offers.
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    One more thing to know about 96-97 visors: They mount slightly differently than 89-95 visors, so the impression of your stock visor will be visible in your headliner. Here's how a 97 visor looked in my 94:

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    It never bothered me, but the headliner from the car that supplied the first two visors above was so nice that I installed it in my car. Problem solved.
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