Hello, I am selling my 1991 supercoupe.

-clean title

-Black exterior/black leather interior

-5 speed manual w/stage 3 clutch (unknown brand)

-larger injectors (unknown cc)

-larger throttle body/MAF (unknown mm)

-intercooler fan

-7% od pulley and comes with a smaller pulley for more boost (smaller pulley included for more boost)

-super charger is from a newer model, ported and from what I was told, has much better flow because of port and coating. (Supercharger whine sounds amazing)

-the motor was replaced at some point and have a receipt showing the mileage with a warranty repair at around 60k on the replacement motor. I will look through the paperwork and update this add to get an accurate mileage on the replacement motor.

- I believe the body has no more then 120k but I will confirm.

-full 3 inch exhaust with flow masters. Personally I am not a fan of the way it sounds at lower rpms. I have dont some research on how to make it sound better and the best option I could find is to install muffler commonly used on diesel trucks. I have a lightly used mbrp muffler I can include depending on price.

-comes with a few extra parts including extra supercharger. I will look through the extra parts and update what is included.

-second gear sycro is bad but still goes into gear

-brakes are hard and feel like manual brakes (not sure why, I have not looked into it)

-radiator fan is hard wired to a switch.

$2950 obo

***if you are not comfortable driving the car because of the brakes, I can deliver depending on distance and price. I will only deliver if you have seen the car and you are 100 percent sure you want to buy it**

Overall it is a very fun and comfortable car. I am missing a few modifications. to be honest, I think it would keep up with my 04 heads/cam/intake/tuned gto in an 1/8th mile run. I have never compared the 2 side by side, Just my personal opinion. Thank youName:  93C988F7-1738-48C0-9D85-85E14CDF3E57.jpeg
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