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Thread: Automatic overhead seat belt

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    Automatic overhead seat belt

    As with tradition, there always be an issue with this car. -sigh-
    My driver's side seat belt came undone/broke. Fortunately I was able to push the latch into the down position. After opening the little panel by the back seat, the belt the WAS attached to the latch part, well, obviously is no longer attached. Looks like a fruit rollup. I feel this is something better to be replaced than to mess with.
    What do you think?
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    I think some owners wishing to convert have sourced the traditional anchored (non-auto retract system) belt system that can be found in Canadian versions of your year MN-12. Seems the mount points are in every body regardless.
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    I'll have to look but I think I might have an extra one for the driver's side if you need one.
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    94-97 Thunderbirds / Cougars or Lincoln Mark VIII's can be used for non-auto seatbelts, so you do have some options.

    Canadian cars will have trim that matches better though.
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