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Thread: Unable to maintain idle

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    Unable to maintain idle

    Hey guy,

    So this is more me just gathering ideas for this to test in the spring when I plan to take the car out of storage.

    This is my current standing with the car

    On my way to work the car started to have issues maintaining a proper air/fuel mixture. At red lights would go extremely lean 22.4 and under power extremely rich 9.3 but would hold 14.7 under load without trying to accelerate.

    After work the car would start, rev to 3000 then go lean again and struggle to idle before stalling out. Feathering the throttle would allow it to continue to run but it was rough.

    Mod list on the car is a little long but 70m maf 75m throttle body, custom intercooler and tubing, 60lb injectors, 255 fuel pump, cam, rockers, ported heads, ported late SC and coated rotors, 10% OD, QH and tune. Not going to list the rest as they should not have an impact on this problem. The car is also not going into protect as fan are not coming on with key on. Any suggestions I will be able to test in the spring.

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    Classic vacuum/boost leak symptoms. Check all post supercharger connections.
    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    Ya thats why i tape mine down. People think its bc i dont have a moonroof seal (which is true) but its really to keep my roof from ripping off .
    Email me here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XR7 Dave View Post
    Classic vacuum/boost leak symptoms. Check all post supercharger connections.
    Thanks for the reply Dave! This was one of the first things I was planning on checking when the snow melts. Game plan was to reseal all intercooler connection and check all vacuum/boost lines for cracks and splits. If this doesn't work I will be back for more things to check.

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    Ended up finding one of my intercooler clamps had wiggled off partly causing a leak. Corrected it and everything thing seems fine now. Thank you

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