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Thread: Are there still any Performance Struts/Shocks for 1990 SC on the market ?

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    Are there still any Performance Struts/Shocks for 1990 SC on the market ?

    After some research I've been unable to find a performance replacement strut or shock set (adjustable or non-adjustable) for the 1990 Thunderbird, LX or SC.
    I realize the original Tokico products are long gone. But I've seen no listings for this car by Koni, KYB, Bilstein, Gabriel or Monroe. Does anyone still make a manually adjustable set that can replace the ARC Tokico's ?
    Are we now stuck with the junk stuff from Autozone and Oreilly's. ?

    I will keep looking a bit more, but if this is the real fate of this car, I may just roll it off to the boneyard. The orig shocks have slowly gone flat and most of oil has seeped out of the cartridges after a few years in storage.
    The vehicle still runs strong, but it is not stable at high speed. Would be a shame to let it go, but with all the aftermarket parts vanishing ( like the early crank sensors), it's getting nearly impossible to keep these machines running.
    If I missed something out there, please advise.


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    Unfortunately, no there are no direct bolt-on shocks that are any good. Some people have made some bilstein inserts for other applications work, but that requires some custom fabrication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DNA View Post
    it's getting nearly impossible to keep these machines running.

    That's pretty drastic, its not really that hard at all. Just put some regular autozone shocks on the car and drive it.
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    I have a set of lightly used Koni's if you really want some. Don't be shocked at the price though. They were $750/set new and used are getting a bit more than that now.
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