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Thread: Start of engine rebuild project: Thumper

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    Start of engine rebuild project: Thumper

    Found coolant in "Thumper's" oil just now. Since I'm planning on her being my summer driver, I will be pulling the engine and putting the engine on a stand so I can tear it down for a rebuild.

    Thumper is a low mile SC that has a fresh trans rebuild and was oid man owned prior to me (ok, i am kinda old too).

    Anyways the plan:

    Send heads out for recon
    Select a performance cam and lifters (recommendations accepted)
    Felpro head gaskets and ARP studs
    Stock bottom end based on inspection.
    Maybe a SC pulley upgrade.

    Anyways, here goes.

    Name:  IMG_20190727_172815.jpg
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