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Thread: 2020 Epic Drive Call outs

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    2020 Epic Drive Call outs

    Ok folks, we moved the Epic Drive to a more central part of the country for a change of scenery, so I am sending out a few friendly call outs to some folks that have been absent from previous Epic Drives (Tony Serno Excepted) and now you don't have a don't have a location excuse anymore! LOL!

    Matt Haub
    Dave Clark
    Rich Bruhn
    Scott Bruhn
    Duane Nettles
    Tony Serno
    Jim Sanderson
    Ken Wagner
    Sally Hodges
    Bill Evanhoff

    That should be enough for now. Get crackin! We got great routes, great dining spots and great hotels and registration is free! (Unless you want a T-Shirt). So lets get that time off work, reserve your hotel and come join some fantastic car guys and girls. If there is anyone else you can think of, get the word out. Remember we only got 15 rooms blocked off at each hotel, so act quickly and don't miss out on the great group rates we obtained for our group.

    Venetian Blue 1995 5 Spd...............No ET
    Orange Crush Pearl 1995 Auto SC........TBD
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    4,510 of the list.

    I'm planning on it.

    SC was almost ready for the Midwest Bash, and it's one spot closer in the queue to the garage. Also have a fun little car for a backup: 2005 Focus ZX3

    Will make every attempt to make it this year.
    Matt Haub
    Shootouts: '09 SS 1st | '10 Mod1 2nd | '11 Bracket 3rd | '12 Bracket 1st | 2013 | '14 Bracket 3rd | 2015 | '16 Bracket 1st & Mod2 2nd | '17 Spectator | '18 Freeze-Plug Champ
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