1994 Mercury Cougar XR7 in very good condition. I'm the second owner of car; the first owner is a friend who took great care of it. The body is in great shape and the tires were replaced a month before I bought the car in December of 2017.
Features: 3.8 liter fuel-injected V6, automatic transmission, A/C works perfectly, radio and cassette player function perfectly.
Quirks: First, the odometer quit at 80675 miles. The previous owner drove the car for an estimated 5000 miles after, and I drove the car for an estimated 5000 miles after purchasing it, mostly to and from school and work - the car has between 90K and 92K miles on it. Second, the check engine light flicks on and off occasionally. I had the car checked out and this seems to be a malfunction, but still something I want to mention. Finally, the shifter button popped out about a week or two after I purchased the car. I wasn't able to reattach it, but it's still relatively to easy to push it into place when shifting.
Overall, this is a very reliable car that helped me out greatly for a few years. Serious buyers only please.