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Thread: 8.8 IRS axle seals

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    8.8 IRS axle seals

    I have been chasing my tail trying to find new axle seals for my SC diff housing. You'd think it would be easy...just give the year, make and model and get the right part number. Not quite. The parts stores keep coming up with seals that aren't even close to the right size. Then, when I think I've found the right size online, the part is listed to fit the 7.5 or 8.0 in rear. I don't understand how something so easy could be so difficult.
    Does anyone have the correct part number for the seals I need? Hopefully, I can get them without waiting weeks for shipping.

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    I believe the Lincoln Mark VIII and Thunderbird SC axle shaft seal are interchangeable. Still available from Ford.

    Part Number E9SZ4B416A.

    $ 11.76 Each.

    Ref. Ford Parts Boss. Amarillo, Texas.

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    8.8 axle shaft seal = Timken/National 714569

    8.8 axle shaft bearing (behind the seal in the case) = Timken/National FC-66998

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    Funny story....

    Thanks for the info, guys.

    I first went to O'Reilly's for this. I told the guy I needed some parts for a 95 T-Bird SC, cuz they always start by asking what kind of car. By the look on his face, I knew I had to be more specific, so I clarified by saying Thunderbird. Still perplexed, he asked me what make.........I knew I was in trouble. lol He started to try to help, but his searches were all over the place, starting with axle assemblies. He had to pawn me off on another guy. I got the seals today and, shockingly (note the sarcasm), they weren't even the same size as the description claimed them to be. Everything about them was wrong. I also knew they wouldn't be right or they would be crap quality cuz all the ones I saw went for $10-30. These were only $1.69 each.

    It's good to have people around who actually know what they're talking about. Thanks again.

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