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Thread: ARP Head studs

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    ARP Head studs

    Anybody willing or able to provide any insight?

    Rehashing an old conversation, but looking for an update:

    My understanding from old threads on the topic are that the ARP head studs for the Chevy 2.8 are a better fit than the ones for the 3.8 SC due to exhaust manifold clearance - still an issue or did ARP fix that? I have a 90 SC, 5 speed and am toying with installing the ARP studs. Can you (the collective 'you') confirm the part numbers and preference for which ones are best suited?

    Also, full disclosure, I am really needing to replace the valve cover gaskets at this time, the head gaskets seem fine, with 180K on them. I really don't have the time or resources to pull the heads, deck them, prep the block surface, etc. if I don't have to. Someone suggested replacing the factory head bolts with the ARP studs, methodically, one at a time - from pulling to torqueing - without removing the heads. This seems like a recipe for head gasket failure to me when you start doing that, but have others done this? I honestly do not see the value until it's time to replace the head gaskets, but I may be missing something - please help confirm or refute my concerns.

    I know the miles are high, but that being said, be honest with your comments. It's not a daily driving (regular though) and I am not beating on it or needing to beef it up at this point - just looking for longevity. Thanks!
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    Clamping force is definitely not the issue with the headgaskets. Replacing the bolts with studs without taking it apart and all the associated work that goes with that will simply accelerate the known issue. The gaskets themselves are the weak point.

    But that being said yes, the 2.8 Chevy ones are the right ones. ARP has not fixed the SC ones.
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    Thanks as always Dave - you're awesome.

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    I replaced the head bolts with ARP studs one at a time. Drove it for 10 k miles without issue with a new rectangular injectors, headers etc. David then tuned it with a second upgrade to an MPX, 60's, 85mm TB etc. Might not prevent a head gasket failure but I didn't think it would hurt for the time it took considering the likelyhood of fatigue in the factory fasteners.

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