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Thread: my new ride

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    my new ride

    just stopping in
    my 2012 3.7 v6
    fbo on e85
    me last season left lane
    still on stock cats and manifolds
    stock torque conveter
    car weighed 3340
    know at 3320
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    just more pics
    car had 3.73 gears
    solid diff mount
    poly trans mount
    bmr motor mounts
    cobra jet drag springs
    bmr upper and lower control arms
    bmr panhard bar and support bar
    Lakewood 50/50 rear shocks
    no front sway bar
    rear seat delete
    borla longtubes and catless with speed daddy catback
    bret barber ported intakes
    bbk tb
    steeda cai
    tuned by mpt on e85
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    Nice mod list... I didn't know Jim was working on Mustangs, too.

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    Looks good! Hopefully you have a driveshaft mod too.
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    driveshaft loop was first thing i did.
    very funny melon and this is my second 2012 3.7

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    Looks good, but curious why you didn't get one with a 5.0 v8 instead of the v6 ?

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    No kidding.... a mustang isnt a mustang without a v8 I dont care how fast it is.... so after thousands of $ in mods you can almost keep up with a stock 5.0....
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