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Thread: Tires question

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    Tires question

    I have a 98 Mark VIII with the 03-04 Cobra spindles and brakes with 17"x9" wheels.
    It's time for new tires and wondering if 275s will work on the front?
    Currently running 255s in the front.

    Anyone with this setup tried the 275s?
    Any clearance issues?


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    I know it might sound funny, but it depends on the tire. Each tire manufacturer might be a little different here and there. Example, I had some yokahama and some goodyear eagle f1 gs on mine for a while, the Goodyears cleared up front with no issues, however the yokos tread was too wide for the front. Then I've also had a set of Michelin pilot sports that cleared for the most part but rubbed the sway bar a little in certain situations because the sidewalls bubbled out a little more on those. In my experience the Goodyear eagle f1s fit great.Name:  20180410_191248.jpg
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    That was with Goodyears on the front and the yokos on the rear.
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    Thanks Adam
    I’ll probably go with the 255s in front then.
    1 out of 3 is not good odds.

    Thinking about getting the BF Goodrich G-force comp 2 a/s.

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    Depends on the wheel offset as well. I ran 275/40-17 Hoosier A6s on OEM 95 Cobra Rs as my autocross setup and had no problems with rubbing.
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