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Thread: Looking for parts

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    Looking for parts

    Hey guy, been a while since I've been on the site. Looks like action is slowed or moved to somewhere else?
    Had some fun for several years with some old trucks which have come and gone now. But one thing that managed to stay was the SC. I'm looking forward to actually driving it this year and enjoying the car. I'm also looking for any performance parts as well. I don't see a lot for sale in the sale forum so thought I'd toss it out there. Basically starting from scratch and all I have left is a 95 M90 that I might massage a little and drop it on.
    Anyway cheers all and hopefully I can join some events this year.


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    Hey Drew, been long time. I' a bigger MAF if you are interested. you are welcome to have it.

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    SC Parts

    Hey Drew - I'm in Oshawa and have the following parts installed on my 94sc. (I'd prefer to move the whole car instead of parting it out.)

    MP Supercharger
    Underdrive Pullies
    MP Inlet
    MP Throttle body
    3 in Intake with Cone filter
    Dual Exhaust
    4:10 gears.

    I'm open for an offer on the whole car. Kind of would prefer that. Come take a look if you want..

    Email - [email protected]

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    Hey Payton, yeah man been a while eh lol. Hope all is good with you. I will let ya know about the MAF man. Thanks

    Jim, thanks for reaching out. I will come check out the car tues like we spoke.
    Thanks guys


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