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Thread: '93 Harness ... SC or regular Bird?

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    Question '93 Harness ... SC or regular Bird?

    Hi All,
    Wiring harness question. I have a behind dash harness labeled "F3SB-14401-EK", so obviously it's a '93. The question I have is, how can I determine whether or not this harness is for a SC versus a regular T-Bird? Is there any way to tell, or, does it not matter? By that what I mean is, are harnesses for all 'Birds the exact same harness, ( save for a V-8 Engine harness ), and it's the control module \ brain that determines what happens at the connection endpoints and between the different components? If the SC harnesses are unique\specific, how can I determine whether or not the ones I have are indeed for an SC?


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    Looking at the Ford parts catalogue for a 93 Bird, it appears that SC did use a specific instrument panel main harness. From the number you have, I think it is for an NA car with digital cluster and EATC which shows as F3SZ 14401 E as the service part number. Sometimes the catalogue gives the ID number as well as the service part number, but on these is does not. I checked my old 95 SC VIN info to compare the ID number to service part number for its 14401 harness, and they have the same suffix so my assumption about yours is probably correct.

    For your 93 it looks like you need a 14401 harness with the suffix letters "F*" instead of "E*".


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