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Thread: Question about BFGoodrich g-Force 255/50/16

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    Question about BFGoodrich g-Force 255/50/16

    Hi guys I am in process of buying new tires. I am looking for a tire without interference. I review the below link:

    and I would like to know, if someone has experience with the BFGoodrich g-Force 255/50/16 on stock rims.

    I check the specifications:

    and for a "RIM WIDTH RANGE" is 7-9. Therefore I think it's a candidate for a stock rim.

    Pd.- Toyo also has an option on that size
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    I ran those tires on stock rims with no problems whatsoever. The car was not lowered and suspension was in excellent shape. I found the BFGs had tons of grip and handled with confidence. After about 30 000 km they were done though.

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    Thanks Blackv8, I will finish fixing the suspension... and now I feel more confident buying those tires. Once again Thanks!

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