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Thread: gas tank and cam wanted, rockers?

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    gas tank and cam wanted, rockers?

    Anyone with the late style gas tank, heat shields and straps Also looking for a mor aggressive cam than I put in my 4.2 stroker when I built it Current cam [email protected] @.499 .497 smooth idle, cam is suppost to be a @2500-4500rpm middle range. Im swapping out the old close ratio M5R2 for a 94 Wide ratio and a 3.73 chunk. Late style gas tank needed.Fuel pump doesn't matter I am putting in a 255GPH to feed the 40lb injectors, I'm going to need a good tuner up here in Michigan, livonia area, I have a 3 tune SCT chip to install. And a Launch , No lift Shift controller, just in case It sees some strip action when done?I could also use some 1.8 ratio roller rockers I have 12 Ford Motor sport 1.73 ratio rollers right now
    ANY one LMK .shipping to 48185 Westland ,MI.

    93 SC White {4.2 build, 5spd swap, hope to finish soon}
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    97 Taurus SHO-Parts Car.....FOR SALE
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    I got a tank

    I got a tank from a rust free car. I also have a after market pump in it as well $150 for both but you got to pick it up. I am in Milwaukee wi so not that far for
    Too many cars,too little time to drive them. Anything less than 500 cubes is a small block. If you slow down in life you will get run over..

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