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Thread: 1989 thunderbird sc drag setup

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    1989 thunderbird sc drag setup

    This car is gutted to the max the turn signals and brake lights still work also the low beam headlights

    Shortblock has roughly 1800 miles on it shot pened rods rings gaped for high boost and balanced
    Heads have 100 ish miles they are ported with bigger valves 1.73 roller rockers and springs for the cam
    4.2 MLS headgaskets
    Arp fasteners throughout
    Mpx blower with coated rotors
    Mpx inlet
    Mp throttlebody
    Custom raised top
    3.5" intake tube
    Composite tuner maf with 4" inlet
    4" tube with 4x12 k&n cone into bumper
    Massive 4" core intercooler i believe core is 31x18
    3" intercooler piping
    Intercooler fan
    Mp 10 rib 15% setup with extra belt the right one not the one it comes with
    Mp 10% crank pulley
    Bhj balancer
    Ac delete
    555 lift cam from scu
    60 lbs injectors
    Screamin demon coil pack
    Mp springs in both tensioners
    Quarter horse chip tuned by xr7dave on 100 octane
    255lph pump
    5 speed car
    Spec stage 3
    B&m ripper shifter
    Mark8 rear control arms
    Mark 8 drive shaft cut down to size
    3.08 gears with carbon fiber clutches have 3.55s
    Big sway bar in back
    Battery relocation kit to trunk
    Battery cut off on back
    Window nets
    Racing seat
    5 point harness
    Autometer monster tach
    Automated boost gauge
    Bosch oil pressure water temp and volt gauges
    Aluminum spares with radial tires
    28x10 Hoosier on stock sc wheels in back
    Radiator recored to 3 core
    Mid length headers
    Full 3" exhaust all the way out back sounds awesome
    Manual ballvalve to shutoff off rear brakes for burnouts or parking brake
    Hydroboost coverted to brake booster and regular mastercylinder
    Ram air fiberglass hood
    Hood and trunk are pinned
    I have a lot of sc stuff to go with the car lots of extra sc rims to


    Car is beat up scratches and dents
    Suspension needs gone through bushings maybe springs in front sits low
    Intercooler piping needs to be welded i never got around to it to get rid of the couplers
    3rd gear grinds but still works
    Powersteering leaks
    No door windows
    No wipers

    What the car needs to be faster
    C4 trans with big stall

    Looking for offers if the car doesn't sell i will part it out and scrap the body to make room for my new project
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    Here are some pictures
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    Couple more
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    Nobody wants the whole car??? Pm me a offer

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    That's pretty cool. Not a lot of traffic on this forum any more. You could try posting this link on the Super Coupe Club of America facebook page. It would get more views. Unfortunately facebook has all but killed car forums these days.

    I'd be interested if it had a full interior and was more of a street car. Lots of good parts on this thing though. Did you ever run it after building it? What kind of times did it run in the 1/8th or 1/4 mile?

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