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Thread: TEVES II ABS Pump Motor Service Source FYI

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    TEVES II ABS Pump Motor Service Source FYI

    Just a quick note for those with early SCs that use the TEVES ABS, I just had a spare ABS pump motor refreshed by Jose Ramon Nunez in Dallas.

    Ramon has been mentioned here in the past, phone number 214-579-7846 - I called a couple weeks back, left a voice msg, he returned my call and said yes, he still does them. I've been sitting on a used but outwardly working spare motor for years, and sent it out.

    This way, my SC doesn't have to sit during the wait and I have one ready to go in. My plan, if this one works out, is to then send the one that comes out, to him for similar service, making it a RTR spare.

    His prices (fair in my opinion) vary depending on what you want done. Give him a call if you are in need.


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    Good info, thanks for sharing.

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