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Thread: Dyno results after installing MP FMIC

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    Dyno results after installing MP FMIC

    Prior to installing the FMIC my best pull was;

    295.0 rwhp at 5600 rpms
    374.9 rwtq at 3300 rpms

    After installing only the FMIC my best pull was;

    316.3 rwhp at 5800 rpms
    390.2 rwtq at 3400 rpms

    A minor chip reburn was required to readjust AF ratio but no additional timing was added (Thanks Brian). So it gained 21.3 rwhp and 15.3 rwtq over the double IC and ported tubes I was using. Those people running stock ICs like Thomas and Tony should see even bigger gains.

    So if I was able to run 13.3 with 277 HP and 339 TQ, high 12s should be possible now.

    Here is the new dyno chart.


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    I was there too.....

    Well I finally got everything back together and made it to the dyno again. On the graph below you see two dyno pulls. The red curve is from when I was running low 12's with the car and had a 75mm TB, a 76mm MAF, and a ported stock late style inlet with my MAC CAI. The dyno pull in blue is the best pull I made today and as you can see I have made about a 60 HP improvement and a 75ftlbs of TQ improvement. The things added to the car between each pull are a Magnum Powers inlet plenum, a Magnum Powers 85mm TB, a 90mm Lightning MAF, a 3.5 intake tube as you see in this picture:

    And a new regulator setup with an AEM regulator that has a 1 for 1 pressure rise with boost, an aluminum driveshaft, and a chip tune/burn from Brian Herron. (Thanks again ) I now just need to find a track somewhere and hope I can get the car to hook-up. Well anyway here is the graph. Notice that it took nearly 20 pulls to get everything squared away with fuel, MAF curve, timing etc. I am still only running 27.5 deg total timing.

    Well all I can say is I am finally happy and just want the car to stay running for over a month. It has far exceeded where I thought it would go.

    In case you all were wondering assuming a 20% driveline loss.

    HP is 390/.8 = 487.5 and TQ is 475/.8 = 593


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    very impressive. Chris's car was the talk of the day, even after he left. I was thrilled to see it come together, and be able to get the fuel cure back under control!!!!!
    That guy in the black T-bird threw up a 391hp/475tq before I left...insane...

    I'm glad you guys both hit good numbers. I had a blast, but MAN it was a long day. I tuned a bunch of cars, and overall we had 23 cars do pulls on the dyno.

    It's really cool that the St. Louis SC group is making serious HP, hell by May we will have atleast 5, maybe 6 people on the 300RWHP club.

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    That's great news Dave. That gives a little hope to Tony and myself. I'm really looking forward to this install now.

    Chris, holy crap dude! That is awesome. It must to be awesome to find that much power just sitting in that around there! Can't wait for a trip to the track.


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    I updated the Most Powerful SCs list with your info (and Chris')


    1993 Ford Thunderbird SC
    13.78 @ 99.98 MPH

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    David, Chris and Brian Great work!

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