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Thread: WTB: 5 speed SC 89-94

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    WTB: 5 speed SC 89-94

    Hello everyone. I have been looking for years to buy another supercoupe since selling my 35th anniversary edition.
    Not too concerned about condition but it would certainly need to run and manual transmission is a must!
    I live in Victoria BC. Vancouver island. I would be willing to travel a bit but also willing to pay to have the right car shipped.
    Please let me know what you have.
    Thanks guys.
    Hope everyone is doing well!

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    Stick S/C

    90 3 pedal-anni edition in Ontario

    Stay safe
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    I have a anny. for sale original 5 speed no rust, clear coat fading. you can call if you like , Tom 715-836-5113

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    i just acquired an 89 supercoup . it is a five speed. It has 89k original miles. And it is in very good condition.
    It has zero rust and the interior is very nice
    The story is it was given to Bill Elliot by for in 1989. I am awaiting paperwork to confirm that.
    I just tuned it up.(A nightmare).
    It runs and shifts great. I want to keep it but i do alot of buying and selling and cant keep them all. I have no idea what the car is worth so price is negotiable
    Email me at [email protected]
    The car is in north florida

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