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Thread: THIS is what's in the box!

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    THIS is what's in the box!

    It's time - time to show off what's in the box!

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    I received this from Judy Adams, wife of the late Dick Adams (Or, "The Judge" as many of us knew him.) Dick was member number 155, though you'd think he was #2! Dick attended every gathering he could (All Ford Nationals at Carlisle, All Fords Columbus, etc etc.) He also helped organize many local meets. He had a mint 1995 Thunderbird SC that he took excellent care of and loved to drive to the SCCoA meets.

    Dick was a great guy and always happy to help other members and include everyone. He passed away in January 2011 and has been sorely missed since.

    Anyway - I was honored that Judy passed this box along to me. It's sat in my office for way too long, and I finally spent some time organizing what I found in the box. And now I'm able to make its contents available for everyone, at a little a time.

    So, without further ado - I present - Carlisle 1996, as witnessed by Dick and Judy Adams!

    Carlisle 1996

    Next up - a meet in Columbus Ohio from 1996 - hoping someone can clue me in as to what it may have been once I have it online.

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    Thanks Pat!

    It's not a 97 Sport, it just looks like one!

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    Is that young bill evanoff I spotted in one of the last pics?
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    Bummer, I was really looking forward to seeing the King of CA running 9s....or even 10s.
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    Mullets went hard in 1996! Thanks for sharing.

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    Cool. Way before my time. Bought my car in 98 and 1st year of Carlisle was 03.
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