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Thread: A Sad Sight to See

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    A Sad Sight to See

    Just thought I'd share...driving home from work today I noticed at a used car lot there was a midnight blue '92 SC. I decided to stop and take a look as there are generally not to many around this area. Upon closer inspection, the interior was immaculate. It had just over 50k on the odometer. That was the good stuff, the sad part is that it is totalled. Hail damage. And a lot of it. It was sickening to look at. To top it off, there was no apparent rust under it. I know what to look for as mine has plenty of it. I just had to shake my head an walk away. I'm sure that the dealership owner paid way too much for it in the condition it is in and will be asking very close to retail for it, so I didn't even inquire. It's just sad to see a T-bird in that shape!

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    Hey Sam, what dealership was that at? Just Curious....


    PS. Are you going to make it on the 15th?

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