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Thread: crankshafts

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    Well this whole project just seems to be snowballing, started out as valve covers, motor mounts, exhaust manifolds, roller rockers and rebuilding the supercharger snout, now on top of the leaking timing cover my balancer is shot, well I'm kinda glad I found it before it broke but........................ my car is a 89, 5/89 to be exact, here my question when was the cut off for the cast cranks? ford lists two balancers one for the cast and one for the steel. my balancer part no# is E9SE-EA-C-89, which if I understand correctly, is the balancer for the steel crank, but....................... the pulley no# is E9SE-6317-CA which happens to be the pulley for the cast crank, so what I'm hoping is that I have a early steel crank and that they were using up the exsiting stock of pulleys, also what is five star fords phone number and who should I talk to there,
    you guys have been great answering my questions thanks in advance,

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    Five Star Ford info

    Parts Director - Dan Newman
    Toll Free (800) 866-1520
    Telephone(480) 946-3900 ext. 230
    Email [email protected]

    Five Star Ford
    7100 E. McDowell Rd.
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85257

    Be sure to say you are from the Thunderbird club! Shipping is fast and prices are great. He is very knowledgeable(sp?) and may be able to help with the Duracast/Forged issue. The web add. is and they have an online parts request form. I wish I could be of more help cause I am also one of those "well since I'm this far" guys too, but this is the best I can do...sorry.

    Good luck,

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    Let me know what you find with your crank.... I also have a 5/89 engine ----
    Mine isn't broken ----- YET

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    Do a search on "VIN crank" you will find the info you need.

    From another thread
    On an 89 car you really don't really want one of the first ones. They are indicated by a C as the 8th digit of the vin and this would mean that you have the Duracast crank. The weak one, If you have a R as the 8th digit that means you have a later 89 with a forged crank.

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/m


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