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Thread: Interior Question and Radio Question

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    Arrow Interior Question and Radio Question

    I just bought a 92 SC black on black. It has full leather seats. My question is, how rare is black on black. I have seen alot of SC with grey interior and only a few with black --- is this a trend ?

    Also, my car has JBL with Radio and Cd player all factory. The cd player is inop (suprise) and the radio appears to be working, but no sound is there a fuse for just the amps, or does the signal circut to the amps fail often?

    I am going to get my car tomorrow, so I will have a better chance to look it over. Thanks


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    i am not sure how rare it is but i have a 91sc that is black with black leather interior. the radio could be the problem. i bought an 89sc over the summer and the right side speakers didnt work. the guy i bought the car from gave me a clarion radio with the car. i put that in and everything works fine now. good luck with the new sc.

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    Radio is wired through the CD..if CD is bad then radio doesn't work.Pull the radio and replace the CD connection w/ a grounding plug..if radio is good,it will work.But..these weren't the greatest radios either,you probably would do better to go aftermarket.

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    I had a 93 SC once upon a time that the interior was all black leather was a really hot ride ....especially in the summer!!!

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    93 SC blk/blk

    My 93 SC is black with black leather. It has every option known to Ford. It also spits the CD out. It played once but radio works ok with an occasional shift in speaker. It is common. I modern head unit with modern speakers and it should do wonders. I am afraid to deviate from the premium sound system. It seems to have 7 speakers, 2 amps and a sub factory. Anyone interested in this factory system let me know. It seems to work ok, except the occasional spitting of CD's and sometimes I hear the sound come much more alive.


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    See this post if you want to fix your original radio system:

    Paul fixed the system in my 89 SC over 3 years ago and it still sounds better than ever.
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