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Thread: Engine Problem......??

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    AlexPkring Guest

    Engine Problem......??

    Alright, i was driving down the road one day, noticed a quiet tick, not sure what it was, the next day it got a little louder, then after i noticed it was a little louder, about 5 min later it got really really really loud, so i shut off my motor, anyone know what this could be....??

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    J57ltr Guest

    Re: Engine Problem......??

    Your low on oil? What have you checked. Be a little more specific.


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    AlexPkring Guest

    Re: Engine Problem......??

    no, just changed my oil......Level was fine, but it sounded like a lifter, or maybe a busted wristclamp, anyone ever go through that

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    VancouverBC Guest

    Re: Engine Problem......??

    i had a lifter go bad last year. The car sounded like a sewing machine all of the time, at idle and running. I was able to keep driving, while I waited for parts, by removing the SC belt. Get a pro to listen to you engine with a stethiscope and give you advice. Lots of Luck

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    KryptiK Guest

    re:engine problem

    Depending on the mileage, it could be a wristpin starting to go (pin that holds the piston to the rod). Mine went last summer, started as just a small clicking, then all of a sudden turned into a loud clacking, sounded horrible. Just got the rebuild done 2 weeks ago, been driving it around to get it broken in, can't wait the hear that supercharger whine again!


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    AlexPkring Guest

    Re: re:engine problem

    hey had to get the motor rebuilt? Or just get a new wristpin....and does a new wristpin require pulling the motor

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    rsliger98 Guest

    Re: re:engine problem

    was the tick like an exhaust leak or louder then that I'd check that also.

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    AlexPkring Guest

    Re: re:engine problem

    umm, it was definatley not an exhaust leak, you dont know how loud this was......

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    AlexPkring Guest

    Re: Engine Problem......??

    So how much does a new wristpin cost??.....anyone....

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    AlexPkring Guest


    no one can help

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    BIgblOwnBurd Guest

    Re: .

    Mine did the same exact thing, i mean it was even right after an oil change.............. somebody help us

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    VancouverBC Guest

    Re: After Oil Change

    If your ticking started right after an oil change, then it points even more towards a starved lifter. What I do when I change the oil is 1/2 to 3/4 fill the oil filter with clean oil before I put it on. That way, there will not be as much of an air pocket in the filter to be pumped through the system. Sometimes a starved lifter will repressurize on its own but don't count on it. Lots of Luck

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    Distinguished Dat2k1 Guest

    Re: After Oil Change


    I had a similar clicking noise that progressively got louder, mine turned out to be the supercharger. Take the SC belt off and turn the SC by hand. If it has a little play in it before it grabs, thats OK, but if its like mine, and had almost a quarter turn of play, that no good. Only takes a minute to check this. BTW, it turns clockwise with the engine running, so do the test spinning it clockwise.


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    VancouverBC Guest

    Re: After Oil Change

    You can even drive the car without the SC belt to really help you locate the noise. You won't hurt anything but you won't be supercharged either so don't be surprized when you get passed by a Bug. I drove for a couple of months w/o the SC belt and no harm.

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    Hey guys I had the same noise today right after an oil change... I even brought the car back to the lube place... Drove it about 65 miles, then let it cool several hours and know I didnt hear the noise as bad as when I drove it after the oil change, BUT the noise is still there...

    Not sure but it sounds like the blower( A grinding sound) but i dont hear the noise when the blower boosts...

    NYC 89 5spd 126k

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