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Thread: I'm new to the car as well as to the this site

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    I'm new to the car as well as to the this site

    My name is Denis and i recently got into a car accident. I had a 1992 for taurus that was my first car, the car had a lot fo problems but it ran like a maniac. I really enjoyed it. After the accident the car was lost, it coudn't be fixed. I was preatty sad after that and i decided that in memory of my taurus i will buy myself another ford. So i was checking out the different cars and i stumbled on the Thunderbird. I read about a little and it looks and sounds like a very good car. Then i found this site and joined it to find out more about the car. I'm gona buy a 96 or a 97 thunderbird V8 and i want to make a really good performance car. but i don't know too much about the car itself and i hope you guys can help me out. I would like to know what are the most major and the most offten problems that the car expericnes and what should i buy first the thunderbird in my quest for performance. Where do i start. You guys know all this stuff and i really appriciate for all your help.

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    im a new SC owner myself, my first car actualy. ive always liked thunderbirds, really nice looking cars in my opinion. in my opinion the SC is the way to go in terms of thunderbirds, that is unless you want to supercharge a v8 thudnerbird... which would be cool. as far as performance goes have you thought about a taurus SHO? those things move, but im still partial to thunderbirds.

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    hey not to kick you out or anything dennis but this site is for the thunderbird SC. thats the 6 cylinder model, not the V8. more help could probably be found at TCCOA.COM since this website is solely based on the supercoupes while is based around all thunderbirds and cougars. good luck with buyin a bird. you will be VERY happy with how comfertable they are. good luck.

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