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Thread: What the heck

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    What the heck

    Just posting to see something new here. 2003 will hopefully be my year of Participation in the SC community. 2001 was going to be and then i hit a deer, taking me out of service. Then the insurance paid and it was a great opportunity to purchase a house. So now I have a home, but a SC that needs paint and exhaust, and this and that.

    This spring looks promising. I hope to make time to join you folks in Iowa at some events. And MN12 Nationals is already on my calendar. I even hope to participate in some Auto Cross events in Minnesota this year.

    I can only hope things go even partially as well as I plan.

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    We'd be glad to have you come down and hang out. We have several things going and serveral things in the works.

    Drop by our website at; and check out the "Upcoming Events" page.

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