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Thread: What is the funniest car that has tried to race U

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    RancherV6Lee Guest

    Re: What is the funniest car that has tried to race U

    PT Cruiser
    Was sitting at the lights about 1 mile from my house on my way to work on a nice cool morning, A PT cruiser pulled up along side of me with LOUD exhaust but the guy (about 50years old) made no signals that he wanted to race so I didn't think anything of it. Light turned green and he chirped the tires and took off (we were on concrete) and he was about 2 cars on me before I rolled on the throttle(trying NOT to brake the rear tires loose) and I cought up to him at 50mph at the 1-2 shift and started pulling away fast, by 70mph I let off because I was about 3-4cars infront of him and the speed limit was only 55mph there. What did he do then, RICER flyby at about 80mph then cut in front of me and slowed to 60mph where I had a chance to read his Personal liscence plate "PTCRUSN" so drove up alone side of him and pointed and laughed, he wasn't too happy and wouldn't look at me.

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Re: What is the funniest car that has tried to race U

    Hey, tbirds aren't real known for being fast, so it doesn't surprise me much when somebody wants to play. But check this !! Back in the days of my 70 RT Challenger, about 500 ponies from stroked and bored smallblock, big ol 312 isky cam and 70 square miles of carburation hanging out of the hoodscoop - nuthin but business, ya know. Who wants to beat me to the 2 into 1 lane merge from the light ? A little old lady in what looked like an original pushbutton auto circa '63 Rambler. My Dad was riding with me, and was LHAO. Still laughs about it today.

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    Deep6 Guest

    I raced a "different kind of car"....

    Right in front of my apartment complex it is a two lane road that narrows to one lane. That isn't the problem. the problem is that there is a shopping mall turn after the raod narrows. So, you end up merging and then have to stop while someone makes a turn. It can be really annoying, so people have gotten used to beating each other at this merge. Well I pull up to the light and it turns green, all of a sudden the girl next to me in her Saturn LS300 stomps it to get to the merge. I was like ~~~, cause it took off pretty quick (thanks to it's "torque heavy" tuning of course). Not wanting to be bested by an Accord fighter, I punched it to catch up, but she had like 4 car lenghts on me. I really had to wind it out in 1st to pass her and then stomp it again in second. I passed her going like 70mph in a 40mph zone (yeah I'm bad).

    BTW, the saturn LS300 uses a 3.0 DOHC V-6 that makes 182hp. But the car weighs like 3200lbs too.....
    The engine is basically a N/A version of SAAB's 3.0 liter Asymetrically turboed V-6 engine that makes I believe around 210hp.

    My dad has a 2000 Ls1 (which means he gets the "world" 2.2L 137hp DOHC 4 banger) that engine is actually quite quiet and It would be great in a 2500lb car. Kinda sluggish on the highway, but 0-30mph it's peppy.

    Well that's all I have to say about that.

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    scroach Guest

    Re: What is the funniest car that has tried to race U

    uhh... a 4 cyl saturn.

    And the guy rolled down his window once i showed him up with his buddies and said "want to fight about it, fa**ot?" I laughed.

    I think he was pretty drunk.

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    a new $6995 Kia

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    Re: Re: What is the funniest car that has tried to race U

    Originally posted by 93 SC Clone

    i was in my 93 LX with a 5.0 H.O.......i pulled up to the light and a brand new Audi TT convertible was siting there revving his ricer.....i was like uh oh watch me get my ~~~ 302) but we took off and we were close until the end of 2nd and then i took off i had him by a quarter mile by the next light.........does anyone know what motor is in one of sc would have ate his lunch for three
    audi is not a ricer it is a suasage

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    1986 Mercury LYNX

    that was my buddy's beater he has a 90 sc. anyway we were at a light and when it turned green he went so i waited for about 6 or 7 seconds. then i punched and i needed tires in the back so they were spinning for a while. at this time he was going about 40 or around there. then i just went full throttle then chirped into second. at this time i was on his ~~~. and by third i was about 6 cars in front of him i was going about 75. after that we pulled into his house and smoked a phatty

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