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Thread: 2003 Meet

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    2003 Meet

    Hey everybody!!!! I am new and all to this but I would like to get into this more and meet more fellow SC owners. I would have to agree with Todd Jelle on having the meet in Colorado... Denver or Colorado Springs would work. If not, thats ok. I am just hoping it is somewhere close because my husband and I would love to attend. Seems like it would be great fun!!!

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    Hey, how are you? My name is Tom and I'm also from Nebraska. I live over here by Lincoln. Where are you from? Us local guys have meets about every other month, and it would be great if you & your husband could join us. Please check out our website, and be sure to drop us an e-mail so we can keep you up to date on upcoming events! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There are a couple of us that are planning on making nationals this year also. Take care.

    Nebraska ThunderCats Webpage

    Thomas --

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