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    Unhappy JBL PREMIUM SOUND WOES(Good & Bad)

    Heres my problem.
    I just purchased a 1990 SC.


    1) When I turn on the radio, the reception is the "~~~~~"! The speakers on the Right side seem to "cut out/crackle" but when I put in a CD , the problem goes away.
    Could it be the Right output of the radio is going bad on the radio portion of it?

    2) The Factory Sub-woofer cone is torn and the sound is distorted.
    What I'd like to do is use the 12v power that supplies that amp, along with the signal and run my 8" Amplified Bazooka Tube in the trunk.
    It gives out ALOT more Bass than the OEM unit.
    Has anyone done this or know if it CAN be done?


    1) I just won an auction on e-bay for a Ford JBL Supreme AM/FM/CASS deck out of a 91 SC and EVERYTHING works on it.
    Cost me $42.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) I just bought 2 sets of Clarion Power Series SRC-5794 Speakers.
    There the kind that are plate mounted and the Tweeter is rotating so you can aim it where you want ,on installation.
    135 Watts max and Crutchfield had them for $149.99 a pair and I went to some E-commerce place (forgot the name) and picked up 2 sets for the same price as Crutchfield's was selling for 1 set for!!!

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    Wish i could answer your question but ive got the same problem with my radio i get terrible reception. If i find out why ill post it for ya. But my SC is parked due to a HG

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    Post JBL Premium Sound

    Hey wwotr, have you removed the radio to verify that the antenna is properly installed ?. Also, follow and check the antenna cable to make sure that it is not broken. Finally check the antenna itself on the fender and make sure its properly tight.. Sometimes loose antennas will give you terrible reception. As far as your right speakers not working on FM/AM but working on CD, the poblem lies inside the CD player... Not the CD player itself but in its circuitry.. The CD is the one that switches the output from either the FM/AM or CD... These types of problems are a ~~~~ to find, because your speaker output failure could be cause by an unstable system that could be cause dry capacitors or a broken wire strip(s) etc etc... I would recommend to have it checked at a radio shop, they shouldn't charge over $20 to give you an estimate.... just my 2 cents

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