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Thread: Favorite car song?

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Favorite car song?

    who here likes old (and new) car songs?

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    Tazer999 Guest

    Re: Favorite car song?

    About cars or songs to cruise with? To cruise with I prefer

    Darude - Sandstorm

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: Favorite car song?

    i meant car songs in general. i think there was already a "cruising song" poll

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    onequiksc Guest

    Re: Favorite car song?

    Todd Rundgren's "little Red Lights"... guitar solos in 3 gears ( really ; 1st-slow ,2nd- moderate ,3d-frantic hendrix type! ) and lyrics about outrunning the law. A true driver's song.( you "youngster's" won't know who the hell he is i'm sure ). hehe

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    chuck93sc Guest

    Did someone say Todd?

    I hardly ever look in here.Dan a TR fan?Whaddya know?When i was a kid these older guys I admired were listening to the Nazz!Loved all the early recordings,saw the TODD album tour in Central Park,even got my name on the poster that came with it.lost interest w/Utopia but really like the later live in the studio stuff.Actually saw the Nearly Human tour in the old Studio 54 after it shut down.
    Great car song btw

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    onequiksc Guest

    Todd Is God

    Yup Chuck ,a true fan here .He gave me incentive to pick up the guitar actually. Got to play some of his tunes in club bands too . Been to about 12 concerts. I can't believe there's another SC'er that actually even heard of him , much less attended a concert. Guess that makes TWO things we have in common Chuck. LOL

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    SilverBird Guest

    Re: Todd Is God

    sunna-power struggle
    awesome for during a quick drag.
    "i was made to fly,
    and you were made to die"

    AC/DC-Thunderstuck (editied by me)
    play it after you win a race
    "you've been THUNDERSTRUCK"

    Play as a challenge.
    "gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which i desire!"

    How about those?

    Crusing- I don't "cruise". :evil:

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    2ndgearscratch boy Guest

    sound's cheesy, but...

    I love crusing listening to local h - bound for the floor

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    Thomas A Guest

    Re: sound's cheesy, but...

    The song from Dumb & Dumber:

    Primitives: Crash

    .....Here you go way to fast, if you don't slow down your going to crash, you should watch what your stare, if you don't look out you're going to brake your neck..........nanananananannanana..............nan anannananananna.

    Truely a great song.

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    ThunderSC Guest

    Don't know?

    I have no radio in my car now for over a year (love to hear my engine), 150db system is coming

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    SCandelous95 Guest

    the beach boys love my cars

    I picked fun fun fun because the SC is the second car ive had that the beachboys have done a song about. "Fun fun fun" obviously for the t-bird, and the GTO song (forgot the title) for my 68 GTO! my foot automatically floors the accelerator when i hear those songs when im in the car.

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: the beach boys love my cars

    i believe you are referring to "little GTO" which i think was done by Ronnie (?) and the daytonas.

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    SilverBird Guest

    Re: the beach boys love my cars

    It was done by the beach boys, Ronnie and the daytonas and Jan & Dean who also did fun fun fun.

    Isn't Napster Great? :evil:

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: the beach boys love my cars

    actually Jan and dean did the little old lady from pasadena and deadmans curve, the beach boys did fun fun fun, and 409 and little deuce coupe

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    Tom Champagne Guest

    Re: the beach boys love my cars

    REO:Back on the road again.

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