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Thread: Favorite car song?

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    Last Mrk Guest

    Silver Thunderbird

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Mark Cohn's Silver Thunderbird

    Watched it coming up Winslow
    Down South Park Boulevard
    Yeah it was looking good from tail to hood
    Great big fins and painted steel
    Man it looked just like the Batmobile
    With my old man behind the wheel

    Well you could hardly even see him
    In all of that chrome
    The man with the plan and the pocket comb
    But every night it carried him home
    And I could hear him sayin'...

    Don't gimme no Buick
    Son you must take my word
    If there's a God in heaven
    He's got a Silver Thunderbird
    You can keep your Eldorados
    And the foreign car's absurd
    Me I wanna go down
    In a Silver Thunderbird

    He got up every morning
    While I was still asleep
    But I remember the sound of him shuffling around
    Then right before the crack of dawn
    I heard him turn the motor on
    But when I got up they were gone

    Down the road in the rain and snow
    The man and his machine would go
    Oh the secrets that old car would know
    Sometimes I hear him sayin'...

    Don't gimme no Buick
    Son you must take my word
    If there's a God in heaven
    He's got a Silver Thunderbird
    You can keep your Eldorados
    And the foreign car's absurd
    Me I wanna go down
    In a Silver Thunderbird

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    TBKHomeworld Guest

    Favorite car song.

    Actually, Little GTO was done by Ronny and the Daytonas. It was NOT performed by the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean or any of the sort. You have to remember, the Napster community is younger people who do not even remember when this stuff came out. I've seen "Beach Boys" on songs like "Little Cobra" (A personal favorite) "Hot Rod Race" (Which I might add is a VERY good one) "Hot Rod Lincoln" (You have to be an IDIOT for labeling that one a beach boys tune) and I actually saw some poor smuck who said "The Last Kiss" was by the Beach Boys....UGH!

    Any of the above mentioned songs make me put my foot down....but the one that just sends chills down my spin and makes me really run balls to the walls is "Drag City" by Jan and Dean.

    Just my 2 cents.

    And so you know....
    Little Cobra = The Rip Cords
    Hot Rod Race = Numerous artists, I like Arki Shibley's the best.
    Hot Rod Lincoln = NUMEROUS artists, but the most popular is Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen
    The Last Kiss = J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers


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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: Favorite car song.

    same here, someone put that the little old lady from pasadena was a beach boys song (im 21 and have loved that song from when i was like 12)

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    cudaz101 Guest

    Theee....Of...The...... Favorite car song?

    Ted Nuget - StrangleHold

    Theee Total Biz for a road tune, or any other occasion for that matter....

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    Crowded Elevator Guest


    My cruisin song has to be Rob D-Clubbed to Death. It's number 4 on the matrix soundtrack. It's awesome for cruisin late at night with no one on the road just becoming one with the SC (not humping the gas tank or anything, but you know what I mean.)

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    Pete Guest

    Car songs

    I had a 1965 T Bird in high school and loved the Beach boys song FUN FUN FUN. Now at 47 I have a SC and have seen the Beach Boys many times. And still love the song FUN FUN FUN Pete 90 black SC

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    puff c Guest

    Re: Favorite car song?

    Hey Last Mrk I was going to list Mark Cohen's Silver Thunderbird. That song holds a certain sentimental value to me also. My dad is a Thunderbird guy and has owned many. He is the whole reason I like Thunderbirds.

    Jodee Messina also has a version. I have both compliments of Napster.
    The song Jaguare and Thunderbird by Thee Headcoats is pretty cool to listen to when racing but I wouldn't try to pickup chicks with it playing. They wouldn't understand.

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    Big Cat Davo Guest

    Car Songs Rock

    My Fav has to be Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody,

    Daddy said son your gonna drive me to drinkin if you don't stop driving that Hot Rod Lincoln.

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    white90sc Guest

    Re: Favorite car song?

    come on dont forget lowrider come on man!!!!!!

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    RancherV6Lee Guest

    Re: Car songs

    AC/DC - Highway to Hell
    Stepenwolf - Magic carpet ride

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    wesley89sc Guest

    Re: Car songs

    godda be gimme fuel gimme fire gimme that which i desire yeah

    greatest band of all time

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    Steimie Guest

    White Zombie - Black Sunshine

    White Zombie - Black Sunshine

    "Gripping the wheel his knuckles turn white with desire.

    The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like the slug from a .45.

    True death, 400 horsepower of maximum performance, pierceing the night.

    This is.........Black Sunshine!"


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    jerrylongley Guest

    Re: White Zombie - Black Sunshine

    You GOTTA love that song! It's one song that cannot be listened to at a moderate level. Has to be loud!

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