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Thread: For those who have Honed their cylinders.

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    For those who have Honed their cylinders.

    Alright guys, I have 125k on my car and my cylinders seem to be in pretty good shape. Not much of a ridge at all. My question is, I am debating whether or not to get the cylinders honed out. I really do not want to purchase new pistons. I was hoping to beable to hone the cylinders, get some new rings and be within tolerance. Is this possible? What are your guys' experience with having your cylidners honed? Were you able to just go with new rings? Any info you can provide will be helpful.

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    I'm pretty sure you only need to get oversized pistons if you get the cylinders bored out. I had everything honed and they were able to reuse the pistons. If you call a local machine shop they'd probably know for sure.

    Jeremy van Rossum

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    You can hone the cylinders as long as they are in spec. Have your local machine shop measure for ovaling of the bores. If they are in spec you can hone the cylinders and replace the rings. If the cylinders aren't in spec don't replace the rings because they won't seat properly. While your at it grind the crank. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

    Good Luck!

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