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Thread: Power steering pump wont stop leaking!

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    Power steering pump wont stop leaking!

    I have had problems with the pump since I reinstalled my motor several months back. It appears to be leaking from the EVO valve in the side of the pump. It leaks out from there, drips down onto the bottom of the pump, then drips onto the lower IC tube then all over the ground. I tried putting a fat O-ring on one of the EVO valve slots, but after a while it started leaking again. What do I have to do to get this thing to stop leaking? I am thinking about buying another pump and EVO valve and redoing this all over again. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Mine has done the same thing since I replaced the pump last year. I got the correct o-ring from Ford and still leaked. I am beginning to think there might be a problem with the opening on the pump.

    I am debating to get rid of the Advance Auto pump as I have had nothing but crap from them...3 leaking racks so the pump woulsn't surprise me.

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    IF you're sure its not the front shaft seal, replace the o-rings with the Ford ones, the swivel tube that attaches to the fitting uses white teflon? o-rings i believe, teflon tape also can work sometimes

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