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Thread: 1/4 mile ETs...

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    MN12 KID Guest

    1/4 mile ETs...


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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Re: 1/4 mile ETs...

    My best so far is a 13.088et at 103.538mph looking to step it up big time just takes lots of money and time but its worth it

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    darcsun Guest

    How about a 26 second 1/4...

    Seriously.. It wasn't mine (I run 15's corrected in my LX). Up at Bandimere, I know the elevation kills times, but this was insanely slow. I talked to the gentleman running the 90-91 SC prior to the race. He told me that he removed a belt to help add HP. Not being an SC guy, I didn't question him... but as I watched, a loud, unpleasent sound erupted at arount the 1/8 marker... he finished with a high 26 second run.

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