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Thread: how much did you all pay for your cars.......

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    nnylnairb Guest

    how much did you all pay for your cars.......

    how much cheese did everyone pay for there sc's?

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    JimmyChay Guest

    Re: how much did you all pay for your cars.......

    It was not me, but a good friend of mine got an 89 SC 5 spd for $500. It had a 120K miles on it but it ran pretty good for 500 dollars. It could still roast my 94 V8, and it has never had any mods. The reason he got it so cheap is the guy who owned it had really bad luck with that car: he got into several small accidents with it and his dad backed into it with a semi. All the accidents just made it have a bunch of dents in it, but it still looks all right, ALL the dents could be fixed fairly eisily, the semi accident mostly only smashed one of the rear corner lights. I would have to say though, he got one hell of a car for 500.

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    Stryford Guest

    Re: how much did you all pay for your cars.......

    man, your friend is a lucky bastard!

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    dmitriy Guest

    I've got 2 of them

    I paid $7500 for my 35th anniversary 2 years ago with 42xxx miles, I am selling it to one of my friends in a week for $8700 with ram air hood and cobra r wheels on the car with 75xxx miles in almost perfect condition not because it's a bad car, but because I hate aod in it and because I just bought 90sc 5-speed with 82xxx miles for a $1000 and I need the money, I also paid $800 for my 88 t-bird turbo coupe and working on it right now, it's my daily driver. I can't drive nothing but t-birds

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    supercharged cougar Guest

    did i get a good deal?

    i bought a '90 xr7, not a anniv, aod, auto headlights, auto high beam dimmer, probably all the stuff you guys have, some small dents, PERFRCT interior with the exception of the small crack in the dashboard. black with maroon interior for $3150 with 105XXX on it. now it has 108XXX, kenwood deck, 1800 watt power accoustic amp, soon to be 3 jl audio 15's(box is getting built), seperate battery and capacitor for amp, small kenwood amp for the 4DEI 6X8's, remote start, alarm, tinted windows, eyebrow with huge white "MERCURY" letters in it, and soon to be polished stock wheels, along with soon to be homemade ram air. i have to slow down on the toys for the car, i only had it 3 months and i have to pay the loan off before i do anything else, well the exhaust is a exception, the stock is too restricted.

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    Craig Johnson Guest

    '93 SC

    I bought my black '93 SC in February of '93 for around $27,000. It came with every available option - except a moonroof. Today, it has 63,000 miles and is still running strong and looking good...

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    Craig Johnson Guest


    I may be selling it early next year if anyone's interested. I'm the original owner, and it's 100% stock... e-mail me...

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    zac Guest

    Too much !

    I bought my 95 SC(5-speed) with every option and 46,000 miles( maroon color, not my favorite),
    for $12,000 out the door from a dealership(back 4 1/2 months ago) . I think I paid too much. But I
    bought my 90 SC AOD (118,000 miles) good condition (back in august of 99) for $4000, that was
    a good deal, but later I found it to be plagued with problems.


    Zac Ochoa

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    onequiksc Guest

    $11,200, waaaaay back in '92...

    I actually had to go to Conn. to pick up the car (I live in Florida) so yeah,I'm certifiably insane!It was a one owner,a dentist (hey I'm not anti- Dentite or anything) and the guy had always bought Fords only.He had a new explorer and F 150 and the SC just had to go,but my brother picked up the car from the guy(I drove it home to florida from my brothers house-what a great trip!)and he said the guy had a tear in his eye when he pulled away.At least he sold it to someone who really appreciated it,and would be mighty surprised I still had it actually...

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    SCandelous95 Guest

    Re: $11,200, waaaaay back in '92...

    I paid $10,500 for my fully loaded 95 auto SC with 65k. the guy was asking almost $13k for it. i just told him 10,5 was all i had and i could give him the money on the spot. It was a tough decision for him but he couldnt refuse the cash on the spot offer. i highly recommend this technique!!!


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    Tom Champagne Guest

    Re: $11,200, waaaaay back in '92...

    bought mine in March of '93(ordered)and the window sticker says $26.1K and i paid just under $ cousin is the gm at a Ford dealer.

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    chuck93sc Guest

    Re: $11,200, waaaaay back in '92...

    bought mine (93) from the dealership in april 94 brand new no miles for $19k had every option except premium stereo and side marker lights it now has 56k miles and i will never sell it(i'm not kidding)

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    Steve Ruhl Guest

    Re: how much did you all pay for your cars.......

    93 SC (3 years old) - $13,000 w/2yr ext. warranty included (paid for itself many times over, warranty company hates my guts)
    90 SC (8 years old) - $1,500 w/blown engine...rebuilt the engine myself this summer (around 1500 bucks spent on that for machine work and new parts).

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    MassCop55 Guest

    Re: how much did you all pay for your cars.......

    My "92 listed new for over $28,000.every option available. I bought it with 7000 miles on it and I paid $19,300, and then paid..and paid....and paid....

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    David Neibert Guest

    Re: how much did you all pay for your cars.......

    Paid $18K in 92 for my loaded 91 with 20K miles in perfect condition.

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