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Thread: 1989 SC JBL Radio with CD

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    1989 SC JBL Radio with CD

    I need some radio help. The power to my 1989 SC original factory radio, ( JBL Premium Sound) with dash mounted CD Player began intermittantly cutting in and out. After some time, it will no longer turn on at all. I have heard it is difficult to have repaired and could be in the radio or amplifier. Any used working units available out there for sale?

    Also, I've been told that its easier to replace it with a new aftermarket in dash with its own CD player. This would require bypassing the amplifier. If I hook it up myself, does anyone have a wiring diagram that I can cross reference to the new unit and be able to bypass the amplifier? Please help!!!

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    WOW! You mean to tell us that your OEM radio+CD lasted THAT long? Truely amazing. Either that, or it was not used very much. My JBL started losing power (like you described) after about 2 years.

    My advice is to get an aftermarket unit, not to try to fix the OEM unit. Newer units are much better, more power, more features, less space. I ordered from Crutchfield. They included a wiring harness adapter and a wiring harness which bypasses the amplifier in the trunk deck as you no longer need it.
    I also added a 12 disck CD changer and Amplifier bass tube (sub) in the trunk; Oh and upgraded the 5x7s to Infiinty Reference.
    I don't have the wiring diagram, but I can look it up later this week at the library. Chances are about 50/50 that the Chiltons manual I use will have it.

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    Post 1989 SC w/ JBL Radio

    TbirdSCFan is right, i would also recommend going with an aftermarket setup... I don't think you'll need the wiring diagram.. Where ever you choose to purchase your radio they should carry the harness connectors that go to the factory plugs, and they are color coded.. What i mean with color coded is, just connect the Yellow wire with the Yellow wire, Red wire with Red wire, Black wire with Black wire, and so on (You won't need to cut any any of the factory wires) then just plug and play... The same goes for the JBL amp that is in the trunk.. The radio shop should have the JBL premium sound bypass connector. once you do that then you'll be in business..

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    Here's a different take on this subject.
    I just bought a 90 SC with the JBL Premium sound unit and want to keep the stock OEM AM/FM/CASS up top and CD player below.
    Now my Subwoofer speaker is blown as is my 2 Passenger side speakers.
    My Radio unit is bad (only get Left channel) through the radio but BOTH channels play perfectly when a CD is played.
    I posted on this forum and ended up purchasing 2 used Ford JBL Premium Head units.
    I went to my local custom stereo dealer and (forgive me cause I don't know brand names) I'll be keeping BOTH stock units (AM/FM/CASS & CD Player) but will dissconnect the sub-woofer and replace it with a 6" amplified Bazooka Tube in back.I'm going to instal 2 sets of Clarion RSC 5794 (?) Plate Speaker with adjustable tweeters. Then the shop is going to install a 12 band passive EQ and then go into a 4 channel 75 Watt amp.
    So minus the 2 sets of speakers the install/parts out the door will be about $550.00 and I retain my "stock" look (except for the EQ.
    Now I know this is no "THUMPER" but It'll make my old Van Halen (David Lee Roth NOT, SPAMMY) sound FANTASTIC!!!

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    I just replaced my JBL head unit with a Kenwood aftermarket. i used the wire harness for the power/ground etc connections and i used a harness the plugs into the JBL speaker harness and then into the head units RCA's, so i still retain the factory amps and subs. with the factory H/U i thought the factory sub was blown, but after i installed my kenwood, it sounds a million times better, i can turn up the kenwood to almost full blast without any distortion from any of the speakers. its amazing how much of a difference there is between stock and aftermarket, no comparison. by the way i have the stock JBL H/U that works perfectly if anyone want to make me an offer on it.

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    I have a JBL am fm cass in perfect working order for $50.00 = ship

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