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Thread: Head Gasket Poll

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    supercoupe2001 Guest

    Head Gasket Poll

    I am just curious how many people have had their head gaskets go, and when!

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    SilverBird Guest

    Re: Head Gasket Poll

    this has been done. check in the other postings.

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: Head Gasket Poll

    91,666 miles (and in the shop right now)

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    ReDevilXR7 Guest

    Re: Head Gasket Poll

    just went on Thurs!

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    white91sc Guest

    Re: Head Gasket Poll

    67K miles good thing is that means the bolts come out easily.

    #3 cylinder by the way.

    Adam Mullen
    The SC Kid

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    johnny o Guest

    Re: Head Gasket Poll

    When my dads 89 went it was at 96k miles and mine just went at 167k km or about 105k miles

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    68COUGAR Guest

    Twice actually

    Both under 50K mi.


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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Re: Twice actually

    Mine went at 120.000 miles with 14lbs of boost
    Blew them at the track on a cold night :-(

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    Aug 2005
    Hilliard, OH
    mine went at about 144K mi. how sad....but thats ok, cuz now i have all the top end gaskets done...and planning on rebuilding the bottom end...then its time for true mods!...head gaskets...psh

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    Sep 2004
    San Diego
    1992 4 speed auto
    Blew in 2005 with 67,000 mile on engine after boosting 16 psi in race against 3000gt VR4..(I won)...
    Head gasket blew after i turned the car off and came out an hour later..i was doing less than ten miles per hour then pop.....

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    Dec 2004
    my 90 recently blew at 95k
    as for my 95 still going strong at 147k

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