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Thread: Boost Levels

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    chuck93sc Guest

    Boost Levels

    what levels are you guys running at wot?just curious to see if there's an average.i don't believe the factory boost guage is very accurate.

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    Randee of the Redwoods Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    BUT, my vote for 10-11 pounds is based on the performance AFTER several modifications.

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    92bird Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    Good survey, but there are too many variables. Such as modifications, altitude, model year, and weather. For example, I live in Denver, CO which is just over 1 mile above sea-level, and when my car was stock I pushed only 10psi, wot, 5,500 rpm's. When I went to Tulsa for the SCCoSW meet, I made about 14 psi at 5,500 rpm.

    So there is a lot that can change!


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    chuck93sc Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    yes jeramie i understand the large amount of variables possible(mainly mods,altitude,and especially pulley size but i figured if there were enough responses it would average thing i'd like to know is what are you 15# guys doin' to show that much boost?thanks for all your replies,chuck

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    Jason Marsh Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    My 15# of boost came after installing a 95 blower with a 10% pulley. It was at 12-13# with the 10% pulley on the 93 blower.

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    95SCBird Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    After puting a 10% pully on mine on the stock gauge it is pigged at 15 before the pully it was at 12

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    MarcinR Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    My 95 did 13 lbs stock....After the ZR intake and raised top mod I gained about 1.5 lbs of boost....A 5% pulley brought me up to 16 lbs of boost. Will know for sure after my new Auto Meter boost gauge goes in since the stocker is not too accurate.....

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    cheezhd Guest


    RPM's are the biggest variable in my book! I am almost completely stock, Bored out because I warped the heads and drug a connecting rod into the combustion chamber. I push 12 psi at about 5,000 rpm's.

    JIM=---'90 35th Anniversary SC

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    Brian Voigt Guest

    Hey Guys.. forgot to post but..

    I am running the Autometer Boost gauge, along with the stock (dont ask me why I have both, stock didnt work, and replacement and autometer came in mail at same time.. ohwell).

    Ok, so I am running both, the autometer seems to show about 1-2 lb higher than the stock at WOT. There is still one thing that I have yet to check.. I am just running a Vacuum T, so that both work. I dont know if this effects the performance because there is 2 lines that the air is filling, so wouldnt the boost/vac show a little less "intense" because there is twice the volume of air to push around? One of you smart guyz can theorize on that. I was thinking I would un "T" it and run one at a time and get accurate readings.. maybe a fun weekend project if anyone is interested in the results. I know they are off, but fairly close at all readings, maybe off by 1-2 lbs most of the time but no more.

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    Randee of the Redwoods Guest

    Re: Hey Guys.. forgot to post but..

    T fitting wouldn't make any difference. It just air from the manifold adapter. That's a steady flow of fresh air always being replenished. The pressure just shoves it up the tube to the gauge. That tiny tube and fitting in no way even scratch the surface on the amount of air in that ic tube. I know how you're thinking but it won't apply here. Vacuum, MAYBE. But under boost(or anything above 0) I'm almost positive that the T doesn't matter.

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    Brian Voigt Guest


    Yeah, I never really thought it was basically an unlimited air supply, I just thought that it was from the base of the hose, and from there, the T fit would add about a third of volume.. but yeah, that makes sense... I'll pay a little more attention to the boost differences and report soon.

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    XR7 Dave Guest

    Re: OHHHHH

    I found that my Autometer gauge reads within 1 lb of the stock gauge. I have also found that where you measure the pressure tells a whole other story. I have found that when temperatures are high, the manifold will actually read higher than the outlet of the SC and vice versa when the air is cool and the intercooler is not heat soaked. I actually have three boost gauges.

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    Tommie boy Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    Now that the nights have gotten cooler I have been pushing more boost. I maxed out the gauge the other night so I am guessing I am running 15+ on the cold nights. I have hit the 15 psi mark before but this went a little beyond 15 the other night. I have a complety stock 95 auto except for the removed air silencer. I guess its time for exhaust before the head gaskets blow again.

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    Stryford Guest

    Re: Boost Levels

    i don't know how accurate my stock gauge is, but the most i've seen in my bone stock '94 SC's boost gauge is about 12 pounds.

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    Im getting 17 1/2 psi

    Got special S ported blower with extra porting roator pitch a little diferaint this is with only 10% overdrive. has instaint boost to max psi. but everything has to work together or your lost in the dark

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