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Thread: Boost Levels

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    stephencrist Guest

    Re: Crazy BOOST!!!

    Mega boost+lack of fuel=detonation.Detonation+time=$$$

    Finally got the 80mm.calibrated to stop the mid-range detonation, but it still does it some under WOT. Increased fuel pressure to the point that it runs a little rich at idle, but still not enough fuel under WOT. I get instantaneous 15#+ and climbs with RPM, but I need to get off my butt & upgrade the dual 2" to 2 1/4"+, long tube headers, Hi-flow cats, and whatever I decide about mufflers. That should get the boost level down some.

    Of course, once I get the boost down to a safer level, as a diehard's "rule of thumb", I am compelled to compliment my 80mm. C&L MAFS with a 85mm. throttlebody, 1 1/2" custom raised top, custom lower intake mods., 48# injectors, cam, and a larger custom air tube (by then, the MAC will be too small )

    Damn, I might wind up right back at 15# +/- anyway. Well the Fel-Pro's have held up this long, you gotta have faith in something I guess. I don't care if it does wind up running at 15# as long as I can rid it of the detonation.

    Obviously, I could downgrade the 10% pulley on the '95 blower, but then that would take all of the fun out of it.

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    chuck93sc Guest

    Re: Crazy BOOST!!!

    get the eec tuner,,,,,,,no more fuel problems

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    fred 4 pt 3 Guest

    Re: Crazy BOOST!!!

    Actually, the 80 mm maf doesn't have enough air signal for a decently modded SC. Get the 90 !!

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