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Thread: What was your stock 1/4 time in your Sc?

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    Justin Falla Guest

    What was your stock 1/4 time in your Sc?

    What was your stock 1/4 time in your Sc?

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    XR7 Dave Guest

    Re: What was your stock 1/4 time in your Sc?

    I have to think that the 14.5 and lower are a little overly optimistic.

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    Justin Falla Guest

    Well XR7 Dave....

    I personally ran a 14.507@96.94 w/ a 2.382 60ft stock in my SC and posted this to see if there were any other sc's running th stock time like me, if there really are 5 others please post and tell me what you exactly ran and what year SC and if it was 5spd or auto. The thing is i had other SC's people see me run my run and look over my car which was totally stock, so i can atleast prove that i did it. I'm just curious to knw who the other SC's were that ran those times....

    Justin Falla
    1994 5spd SC

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    maxim123 Guest

    Re come on people lets get serious

    i think that's bull@#%$..14.5 stock... i run my sc in baytown against modified sc's and smoked them running 16 flat seeing that i beat other sc's that were modified tells me one thing mine isn't slow, right? Guess it must be the allitude or the smoke up north. sc's are slow by the gulf evidently, cause my sc is making 289 rear wheel horse power at this time and will only pull off high 13's on drag radials. come on peolpe, it's good to be optomistic and all but please... 93- 5 speed to many mods

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: Re come on people lets get serious

    It could happen, not with my SC but it could happen. A couple of degrees on the cam timing, a little more care in the engine assembly, a 50 degree night, no options ( ie cloth interior, no sunroof), running on synthetics... Basically all I'm saying is that it could happen.

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    Will Guest

    Re: Re come on people lets get serious

    You forgot about the 40mph tail wind and a track that is 200ft shorter than a 1/4 mile heheh j/k
    Justin has posted his times here before and most people didnt believe him then, or they were like me and thought the track was a little fishy!! Do they ever hold major events at the track? I know its near jacksonville, but I dont know if they run major comps there. if they do, of course the track has to be correct. Atleast in gainesville we have gator nationals But you never know!!
    89xr7 5spd 14.377@97.23mph

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    Brad Klein Guest


    the track is outside Orlando and is kept up very well they resurfaced it a couple weeks before his run if that makes any differance and they do hold a couple big events there but nothing major and when the weather gets cooler out im gonna take mine back up there the last time they closed it because it was to cold 40 degrees


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    Stryford Guest

    Re: Track

    i'd like to vote, but i've never raced my stock SC to find out how fast it is. i'd love to find out, someday!

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    Justin Falla Guest

    About the track!

    The tracks name is Orlando Speed World in FL they hold some pretty big events there and have know people that run there to run in gainsville and run the same times so i would more then likley guess it to be very accurate. Well thanks for the response about it Brad hope to see you this year over there, looking for those high 13's this yr if not 14.0's now that i got some new tires, airbags(no wheel hop), and exhaust NO more 2.4 60ft's! Well i will need you there to prove the run i will run, so call me and let me know whats going on.

    Justin Falla

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    SCandelous95 Guest

    first time race, first time slips

    I just went to the 1.4 mile for the first time in my life last week. First i slept on the light and ran a 15.8. then on my second run i ran a 15.3. Im sure i could get much better times, being a rookie and all. Its all about the launch and your reaction time. I wouldnt be surprised if i could dip into the high 14's.

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