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Thread: Which car is the best?

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    jason Guest

    Which car is the best?

    I'mtrying to find a car and I have about $18000 to spend what should I get?

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    MarcinR Guest

    Buy Rich Thompson's SC n/m


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    onequiksc Guest

    Damn,were biased!

    He he...

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    blown97GT Guest

    Get the cobra!!!

    96 Cobra is sweet and once you put a blower on it you'll have 400+ h.p to the rear wheels!!

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    93 Mark VIII Guest

    you forgot an important MN12

    the MArk VIII. 280 - 290 HP, stock 14 second quater mile times, 32V DOHC V8 (similar to cobra), Cheap insurance, Alluinum drivetrain, All leather, total comfort, can be had for under $10K.

    Don't go mustang, stay MN12... they are much better all around. I'd get either a Gen I Mark VIII or Rich Thompson's SC. I picked up my Gen I Mark VIII with 21K miles in mint condition for just under $10K. Did i mention my insurance was cheap =)


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    dmitriy Guest

    Get a t-bird or mark 8

    Think about it, you buy a rustang put a blower on it and you've got one fast ~~~, ones you go to the racetrack you will see a whole bunch of them rustangs driving around.

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    thunderbird46 Guest


    Of the choices given, I'd probably take the '95 SC. I'm not comfortable in a car as small as a Stang or F-body, and I hate Jap cars (which are even smaller inside!) I'd have a hard time deciding between a '95 SC and a Mark VIII.

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    XR7 Dave Guest

    Re: Hmm...

    If ya want to go fast, get a camaro. If ya want to be cool get an XR-7!

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    Justin Falla Guest

    Heres a bright idea dont buy an Amrecan car!

    BUY A 1995 BMW M3 used you can get them for 17-21 grand spend a little and get the best off all the worlds! i love my SC but it sure as hell is no M3! Just think its sweet looking, rated best over all handling car out over F-355 and viper and all back in a 1998 "car and driver" and it buzzes the 1/4 mile in low 14's all with a tiny 3.0 inling 6 cyc N/A engine!! Tell me what american car can do that it takes a 93-95 Z28 5.7litler 350 cubic in engine just to keep up no mind beat it! It also is luxury to the fullest, ultra reliable vs american cars, and yes parts can be costly but your not gonna need them cause its no gonna break!
    Well that is what i would do jsut my .02 cents sorry if i pissed anyone off but i only tell the truth!

    P.S. As for a 96 Cobra those @#%$s are damn Slow! i see them run at the track all the time 14.4-14.5 best with mods! stockers running high 14's all day!

    And yes the new LS1 are fast but there ~~~ and fall apart! Along with the 93-95 LT1's

    So if i were you and you only want one of the cars above go with the SC modded or an import stay away from the 3000GT's there garbage they break all the time get a Supra or 300zx TT

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    Re: Which car is the best?

    I'm not going to tell you which car is best. (This is a SC site), but if I had that kind of money I would get the 300ZX TT for sho!!! 305 hp stock, with rear steering assist. Chip, intake, exaust= 400+ hp. It is definately the funnest car I have ever driven, and it has plenty of room as long as you don't need a back seat. Oh yeah, It will run away from anything else on your list. I definately agree with the 3000GT thing, supposedly 320 hp in VR4. I ran one from 50mph up. I had 2 cars at 125 and his @#%$ was straight smokin! It was the new style too. If you need the backseat and don't want to pull up to a light and see 3 other cars just like yours get the SC. Their a lot of fun, and a definate sleeper for the amount of mods you could do with that $. Just my .02

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    Larry Bone Guest

    I kinda like the 300ZX

    I wouldn't mind a 300ZX Twin Turbo. Can't go wrong with that can ya. Twin turbo--you gotta be able to do that up a little for some hp. But i think i like the looks of a lowered white SC with tinted windows better

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    blown97GT Guest

    Attn: Justin Falla

    Not sure where you got your info. about the Cobra, but in 96 they tested at 13.9 completely stock. Maybe you might have seen a GT w/ cobra emblems or just a very poor driver. But a stock 96 Cobra is faster than high 14's.

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    SCandelous95 Guest

    Re: I kinda like the 300ZX

    I bought my 95 SC a month ago. I literally was deciding between a 92 300z twin turbo and the SC for the exact same price. the 300z had 10k more miles on it and it was already 8-9 years old. I test drove both and was tempted by the z, but i went with the loaded SC. It had more space for passengers, moon roof, leather, fully loaded and a supercharger. I admit the z was faster and a thrilling ride, but that all it has...looks and speed. sure even thats tempting but were talking 3k for fixin the turbos if they go out, even more expensive to fix than an SC! which was also a big factor. if you got the cash why not? but im totally satisfied with my SC and wouldnt change my mind if i had a chance to!


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    Joey16know it all Guest

    Re: I kinda like the 300ZX

    buy a 92 notch back with a 5.0 H.O. bore it to .030, get Trick Flow twisted wedge heads, carcraft intake, e303 cam, 36lb injectors 75mm maf, 73mm tb, big ~~~ fuel pump, procharger 10lb boost, 9 inch ford rear end with 3.73s, welds with skinnys on the front, big ~~~ cobra r hood, and whatever other mods you feel necessary.


    get a 94 supercoupe like mine.

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    35th Gabe Guest

    Re: Which car is the best?

    Get Rich Thompson's 95 SC! It's been gone through completely and looks damn good! Did I mention it has 400+ HP?!

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