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Thread: To Paint Or Not To Paint

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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    To Paint Or Not To Paint

    Have you painted the "3.8" and "Supercharged" on your top and IC tube?

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    TBone95 Guest

    Re: To Paint Or Not To Paint

    Hey BlueThunder, I saw the pic of your engine bay, that looks pretty sweet. Did you just clean your supercharger and ic tubes real well or are they painted or polished?

    I'll probably do something similar eventually, I want to draw some attention when I pop my hood. I might paint the 3.8 and supercharged lettering the same as my body color, I think that would be neat.

    I didnt vote in your poll because you dont have the answer I'd give: "No, but I want to"


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    BlueThunder90 Guest

    Re: To Paint Or Not To Paint

    Hey, I just cleaned the IC and SC tubes and used some engine finish to top it off. I find that the color draws needed attention to the blower.


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