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Thread: Best SC combination...

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Best SC combination...

    "YOU MAKE THE CALL!" - Alcoa

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    johnny o Guest

    Re: Best SC combination...

    Well I can't even vote on that one because I wouldn't do it any of those ways. What I would do is a George Davenport

    94-95 Front Bumper
    96-97 Headlights
    92-93 Interior (NOT 89-91 due to MINOR differences)
    89-93 Rear Bumper
    92-95 Trunk
    96-97 Door handles

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    TBone95 Guest

    Re: Best SC combination...

    This is what I would do if I could:

    94-95 exterior, but with earlier rear bumper
    94-95 interior with 35th anniversary seats
    96-97 headlights
    tjre stage 8 800hp high-performance engine.... oh wait you want realistic? 94-95 engine specs, and a cmre stage II would be nice

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    Scott Long Guest

    Re: Best SC combination...

    Black 1993 Exterior
    1994-95 interior
    97 lights
    89-93 ram air hood
    94-95 engine and blower
    18" Chrome Cobra R wheels

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