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Thread: what is a enough nos?

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    nnylnairb Guest

    what is a enough nos?

    what is the right amount of nos for a stock sc?

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    Aaron Pedroza Guest

    Re: what is a enough nos?

    Make sure you have at least a real good exhaust before you do it. I voted for 50-75.

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    Phat SC Guest

    Re: what is a enough nos?

    I am planning on put NOS in my baby next summer. Now i just have to find the right person to put it in. Money is not a thing for a 18yr old kid that works all winter and puts all the money in his SC. ME.

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    Deep6 Guest

    Go with the MAX!!!!!!

    Who the hell needs a Coy miller Stage II when you've got a 200hp compucar NO2 kit pumping you down the 1/4???!

    YEAH baby can you say KA-BOOM!!!!


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    Joey16know it all Guest

    Re: Go with the MAX!!!!!!

    i'm pretty sure that anything over a 75 shot for a stock supercoupe isn't safe, but i'm not absolutely sure. i say screw nitrous and build it up the right way. any yoyo can use nitrous.

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