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Thread: Fuel pressure regulator

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    Fuel pressure regulator

    My car didn't wait for me to change the head gaskets. They went out yesterday and I have started tearing down the engine. I've got all the accesories off the front. I have also got all of the supercharger, throtle body, and intercooler and tubes off. Now here is my problem, what is the best way to unbolt the fuel pressure regulator from the back of the head? If any body has done this job, I would be thankful for any help, or any other useful hints. Thanks, Biggin'

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    i know exactly what ur talking about. i just used a small wrench that works like a rachet i dont know the exact name for them but craftsman has them, made it alot easier than just a regular wrench or trying to fit a rachet. but out of everything i took off i think that was the bolt that took the longest to take off plus i ended up with a bloody knuckle but that was b4 i knew my dad those rachet wrenches tools then i took it off in no time.

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