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Thread: Who has blown head gaskets using Fel-Pros?

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    Bill A McNeil Guest

    Who has blown head gaskets using Fel-Pros?

    Wondering if this has happened to anyone and why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill A McNeil View Post
    Wondering if this has happened to anyone and why.
    I have. Don't know why. I'm swapping a 5.0 and selling my 3.8. I'll give you guys on here first dibs on it.

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    LOL, I cant believe a random message like this was never replied to before now. only 13 years later. To answer it, with 17psi and some detonation, I lifted heads and was pushing some combustion into the cooling system with fel-pros. I believe I had a bit of head stud torque inaccuracies, and my heads were still stock on the combustion chamber side. I don't blame the gaskets, put it that way

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    Since the thread is already resurrected...

    16psi on Felpro's w/ Arp head studs for 5 years and 20psi for 1yr so far and they're still holding just fine.
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