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Thread: flowing heads, how much?

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    flowing heads, how much?

    How much can I expect to pay to have a set of heads flowed? Just trying to get a ballpark so I know what to expect.

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    Typically you should except to pay about one hour shop labor rate ($52.00 here) for the first test due to the set up time. Additional test would be less after the set up. You also want to flow 3.8 cylinder heads through a 3.831-3.841 diameter fixture and use a flow tube on the exhaust to simulate the exhaust header that you will use on the engine. There could be extra cost involved to buy or fabricate these items if the shop doesen't have them.

    Beware that all flow benches are not calibrated the same. One thing you should keep in mind is that flow benches and dynos are only tools and should be used as such. You really can not make valid comparison from one to another. You need to flow your head, work on it, reflow it on the same bench, assess the results.

    In todays advertising you see numbers all over the place, we have seen numbers a lot bigger than ours but we are faster at the race track, go figure.

    I hope this answers your question, Coy Miller.

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