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Thread: What special tools do I need to do a complete interior change?

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    What special tools do I need to do a complete interior change?

    Yes, I've searched. I only found reference to the special tool needed to take out the screws between the windshield and the dash----------- I drive an 89 sc. I love the newer interiors. I am only trying to figure out if this is hard to do, and how many other tools I need. I have or can borrow most of the regular tools. Can someone help me figure out what special tools I need. My plan is to go from 96-97 to 89. If you can help, please write. lolv.


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    its a tough job. most guys here would rather pull the motor than pull the dash in one of these cars. you really dont need any special tools. theres just a few bolts and nuts that have to come out.
    just a basic socket set should do the trick

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    I must say livn is right. I dismantle cars for a living. I did a 96 LX Bird last Friday. The dash is by far a pain in the rear. The only reprieve I had was the fact that I had to remove the windshield making the top dash bolts much easier to get to. Yet it still took me just as long to remove the dash as it did to remove the windshield. I too like the looks of the newer interior setup as opposed to my 92 SC though Im not sure I would go to the trouble to change it over. Who knows if and how the wiring has changed over the years. If you decide to do it I wish you the very best. Im sure the guys here will give you help you all they can. Im new to this site but everyone here seems to be great and willing to lend advice whenever they can. Good Luck!!!

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