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Thread: what color is your SC

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    pdennis Guest

    what color is your SC

    im curious to see who has what color SC's, and also what interiors too?

    btw my interior is red, etx crimson red

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    TbirdSCFan Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    1990. White exterior, currant red leather interior.
    Needs new upholstery and I'll probably go with a good vinyl this time. They've improved vinyl a lot over the years.

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    cary Jackson Guest

    What color?

    white 89 with currant red leather interior. I also need a little upholstery work.

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    TbirdSCFan Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    Getting the seats redone 2 weeks from now. Going with vinyl/cloth. The upholstery guy said that suede tends to break down and matt, so he didn't think it was a good choice. Also, the vinyl/cloth is about 1/2 the cost of leather. I chose cloth for the center due to the summer heat here in Texas. My passengers (wife and kids) have a tendency to whine about the hot seats.

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    pdennis Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    i finally got new pics, notice the difference? look at the 60x60 pic (right click it and copy link)

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    ThunderSC Guest


    with blue leather

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    Tom Champagne Guest

    Re: champagne

    Nice color :-) mine is crimson...but i'm partial to the moniker..

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    pdennis93 Guest

    Re: champagne

    lol, maybe im just not with it today, but is champagne AKA Titanium?

    just curious.

    btw tom, i should have my wheels in a few weeks :-)

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    TheSCkid Guest

    White '91 SC's description

    I have a white '91 SC (which is why I either go by white91sc or thesckid). It is gray leather. It is about to go in for a stock replica upholstery job, I just don't want to give it up for a week while I'm at school. Perfect interior to go with the perfect exterior will make it harder for people to guess what year it is, right? Anyone else have people that guess there cars as a year or two old?

    Oh, I've got one while we're on the topic. I went to a Ford dealer a while ago and asked them to search for a warranty eligeable 5-speed SC. He said "that's going to be tough since they stopped making them in '97. I mean you see lots of V8's but you just don't see many of those SC's, especially in the later years." Hmm..could that be because they don't exist?
    I should've sent him on the challenge of his life. I'll pay $20 grand for a flawless 96/7

    Adam Mullen
    The SC Kid

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    Andy90SC Guest


    mines actually a 35th anniv...

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    Excaliber 8 Guest


    Well... my SC has a custom HOT neon pink exterior with a custom PURPLE shag carpet interior... the seats, dash and floor all have a nice, soft feel to them... the license plate reads "BND OVR"...

    no really... White '90 SC with Black Cloth Interior...

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    KwikSC Guest

    Re: custom...

    Excalibur im startin to wonder bout u dood.. You must be "real good friends" with Micah


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    Excaliber 8 Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    Well, you have to have a sence of humor with these cars. Or else, how would you be able to deal with Ford, mechanics, and fellow SC owners. LOL. But i did see a van once that matched that discription, it was scary.

    BTW, never met Micah.

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    KwikSC Guest

    Re: what color is your SC

    you never met Micah? Thank gawd!!! Another soul that hasnt been corrupted!!!


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    gregmaze Guest


    mine is silver with gray cloth. is this an uncommon color combination? i have only seen one other silver sc.

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